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  1. x2dezjohn


    It is normal like they say, due to being on the same team they can grab control randomly isn't a 100% thing though so prob couldn't get it which is why they didn't do it when you said, done it a lot aswell = the risk of using drones unless you dedicate 2 people to drone gunner and driver seats. Hacker is the 1st thing i thought when this happened to me before i found out a long time ago when exile came out so can understand why you think it is also Also here
  2. x2dezjohn

    XM8 App

    Wont be added due to it freezing the server, been mentioned on discord afew times.
  3. x2dezjohn


    Could make bikes despawn when entering traders like others do with the quad bike scripts out there
  4. Or they end Or i get sick the day before you go and cant play nothing
  5. x2dezjohn

    Black Ponds

    Thing halfsack is talking about is just to get rid of the faded black screen and changes the water to black, changing hdr setting to lowest i think but makes the game kinda looks crappy to me. Wish all the chernarus/arma 2 maps didn't bother readding the ponds tbh the way they are.
  6. x2dezjohn


    Loadouts are already a thing? but its based on how much respect you have
  7. https://gyazo.com/10293ca3fd1dc75f55ff4b554bfc5292 Guess this too
  8. a demon and cdt. mrpink happened around 5:30am uk time
  9. It's only activated by the player if they want it activated so its player choice if they want it or not, my understanding is it works by deleting the trees/rocks before everything loads as i think its tied to the map which is most likely why it only works on the next restart after being activated. Only seen it recently so not sure if can add different distances to it from the flag like 20m-25m-30m...
  10. Not sure if aware but there is a script out their that can delete map objects (trees/bushes/rocks) that can be added to territories, once activated by player after restart the stuff despawns each time server loads. Not sure where code is but seen it in use.
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