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  1. Didn't I mention this a while back? Yes I did.. Lol
  2. Geekm0nkey


    I see these types of requests from time to time, with cars, gear, guns.. Just for my own personal education.. In this instance.. What makes this missing gun, superior to other like guns already in game? Better rate of fire? Higher mag capacity? Better takedown? Cheaper? Just curious. Because for the most part.. I have found one weapon that has everything I need, rate of fire, capacity, cost, features, range... Guess I'm not one for shopping around..
  3. I'll speak to this as well.. Not every single tiny technical feature or implementation is documented.. But as a broader ruling, if you cannot do something, because admins coded it that way. Then doing something to make an exception to this rule or coding is considered an exploit.. (not going into details of what was done, but looking for work arounds to server limitations is exploitation.) And as the rules do clearly state, if you discover a workaround to server coding (a glitch). You are required to report it, so that it can be corrected.
  4. If death by NPC counts against you, have kills count towards your k/d.
  5. Inevitably in your travels you come across something that brings to mind arma.. So, in this thread post pictures of things that you see that seem to be right out of the game.. This one is running to trader with loot crate.
  6. Geekm0nkey

    Add skins?

    Any chance of enabling base skins? Or is that too taxing on the server?
  7. If you need help.. I am a coder.. Just never done arma, but I'm sure it's easy to pick up.
  8. Being as I've never seen the coding for arma mods, don't know how difficult this would be but it would be a great feature.. Have the office, have the option to auto draft base payments.. So let's say you have 45,000 in the locker, and your payment is 10,000 you would get 4 auto drafts, then a warning about payment due and insufficient funds in locker. After 4, auto draft would turn off.. Or maybe even limit it to say 5 before turning off automatically for those with 2 mill in the bank. Code in a notification like that of entering and leaving trader.. Something very noticeable. Say when entering and leaving your territory.. I only bring this up now due to a bad situation me and another play fell into where we list out bases due to a technically.. Anyway.. My 2 cents for the day.
  9. Geekm0nkey

    Spawn Limits

    OK, something has come to my attention yesterday that I was ignorant of. And yes, I am a bit salty about it as, had I known about this, I would have made different choices which wouldn't have cost me 3 vehicles. The admins have instituted a 15 minute limit on being able to spawn at your base? Clearly states that.. What it doesn't tell you is to work around this limitation, all you need to do Is partner up with other people with bases in your area and then you can basically spawn near your base any time. Being as I didn't know this, when attempting to do a single person raid, I killed a player, waited for him to spawn at his base and he did, killed him a second time. At this point I assumed he would be atleast 7 minutes out (nearest Bambi spawn point) so I rush down with a truck to loot, and damn if he wasn't already there? So I die, loose the truck. So I spawn back at my base (I'm within the 15 minute window) and kill him again, rush back down with a qaud.. And damn it, he is there again, and I die and loose the quad I also have to spawn at a Bambi point and bike back. So I kill him again, rush down with a golf, and once again, he is already there. At this point I'm like Wtf.. It wasn't till this happens and I bitch that I'm informed of this work around. So, my suggestion is to request that the 15 minute window be extended to all associated bases. If you get killed twice in the same base raid, you are forced to spawn out. You cannot just keep exploiting friendly nearby bases to get around this limit. It is unfair to those who play solo.
  10. What do you guys think of having the last 20/30 minutes of the server fade to night? So we can make use of the dark and night time equipment.
  11. When hooking up another vehicle. You have to get in it and it has to be unlocked.. I think the same should apply to loot. You shouldn't just be able to roll up and slip load a create and bail.. You should have to back up to loot, get out and load from the tailgate in the case of a truck.
  12. http://armamap.com/?map=cherno Pretty useful tool.
  13. Another idea, I might do just to help me find things quickly.. Locate a good Chernarus map online and print it out. Then laminate it. It will then basically be dry erase.. Make what ever you need and erase as needed.. Quick and dirty, but good for keeping server related spawns in mind..
  14. I did say screen shot....
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