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  1. It has alway been on the server...
  2. Not a bad propasal, but consider this - the Stryker has 6 wheels, meaning without an RPG (which people rarely run around with) even if you manage to destroy a wheel, it has 5 more to limp away, the other vehicles on the server (with or without CROWS) are basically dead in the water. So maybe something to consider...
  3. The old "my little brother, my retard roommate, my transgender friend, my son" story... Yea, i don't believe for a second your little brother knows about the bipod glitch... just admit you were trying to be retarded with exploiting the game and take your ban. I would have made it permanent just as an example.
  4. Narsil

    Vehicules capacity

    Cant be done server side, they would have to edit the mod and everyone would have to redownload the DTG mod to play. Too much work and inconvinience to be worth it. Ural is a CUP addon (or some other mod) while Quillin and Prowler are BOhemias vehicles, so BOhemia couldnt care less about Urals cargo capacity.
  5. OK so.... can we expect smoke granades any time soon?
  6. Thank you for the benefit of the doubt sir. YOu are most welcome to do that and check my base, you will not find anything even remotely resembling duping, as I do not do that stuff.
  7. Thank you, I am sorry to hear about the masses of dupers but I can assure you, I am not one of them, hopefully you can do it swiftly One more thing, there is a bug when i cannot pick up a Carryall backpack, happens every now and then, from the mission box, it just dissapears, so if under fire i spam to pick up any of the backpacks, maybe that triggers the log. May not be the case, but whatever it may be, it is a mistake.
  8. Since I do not see an "Edit" button, i must appologize for double posting. I have not been duping, why would I? I am by far the richest on the server, first on the scoreboard, almost one with most kills, have been playing on the server for a while now and have done all that legit and honest. And i'm not some kid trying to make quick cash. I am 32 years old and considered applying for an admin even. Tyler showed me some logs with a couple of backpacks but honestly i do not know that they mean, supposedly attempt of dupe, if it is, i am not aware of any duping method. Also, I was told by Tyler to say I have not been grouped with players Roman or michi, which I haven't, nor do i know who they are. Hopefully we can resolve this soon as I am innocent and eager to get back on the server.
  9. IGN: Narsil Can someone please explain this? I am shocked! I haven't been duping!
  10. Dont mind the our native language Hilarious events that led to the great Dingo theft.
  11. Something that crossed my mind lately, car prices are completely messed up. Adjusting those would bring to the variety of cars we see on the server. Only cars people use are Offroads - for grabbing the boxes, Ifrit/Hunter/Strider for obvious reasons, Prowler/Quillin, Dingo, BTR 40, a few Golfs and bikes and thats it I've been on the server for almost 2 months and I am yet to see someone driving an Audi limo, funeral car, Chevy avalanche, GMC van, Iveco truck... Few cars I have seen but maybe 2 times are Hummers, Buggies/Monster trucks, with a few Lykan or Ferari just to try them out. And I am not surprised thet people dont use them, they are shit and way to expensive, and they will get rekt by a random bush on the field just like a GOlf or an Offroad will. Why would someone pay 30k for an Audi limo when they can get equally fast offroad for 15 times less money, AND you get more inventory room and can carry boxes. Rerducing the prices on those cars would make more people buying more diverse cars, hell I would drive around in an Iveco truck, an Audi limosine or a Ferrari just for shit and giggles if they were cheaper, even though there is no reason to buy it. I mean, a Lykan or a Ferrari shouldn't cost more than 10k since they will take more time than a quad bike, to get form point A to B, just because they are horible to drive and you will end up crashing in the first tree or bush you see and thus repairing it, crashing again, repairing and so on... Also, smoke granades would be cool if we could buy them at regular traders. Adds more tactics we could use in PvP, and noone is gonna go to Black Market to buy some 10 pop tab smoke granades
  12. Last 30 min is when the runs all the scripts, every server has that problem. I think the server would benefit most if switched to 2 hour restarts.
  13. SO it's offset with a reason? No balance in mind? Loosing 10k respect for getting killed and gaining 500 is a huge difference and is very unbalanced.
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