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  1. No, I dealt with them just fine. The armed vehicles I use to deal with were BTR 60s with the 20mm rouns, BRDMs, and they eventually added a T34. All I used were armed little birds, armed venoms, AS50s and RPGs. The whole "circleing from 300-400m" is bs when the only guns inclosed from the inside is like the dingo. Which only fires 7.92. You view of "armed" vehicles aren't that good. I've faced much more armored and armed vehicles with just an AS50 ect ect.
  2. So there is no way to make it render father than what it already does?
  3. I'm sorry, but I come from a time in Arma where no one used lock on launchers at all. But guess what! They used Rpg's and AS50s to deal with helis and armored vehicles. The Lynx is more than capable to pierce anything on the server. Again, I still support ground to air, because there is flares and an actual radar. But if you need ground to ground lock on launchers to destroy armored vehicles, then you're garbage.
  4. Agreed, ground to air is fine, Helis have flares. Land vehicles do not!
  5. I never realized that! No, it's stupid how grass magically disappears after 30m.
  6. Lol I'm 1300m away. Not close at all. Why should you be allowed to spawn at a town over and over again? Also I love how everyone is talking about my base but no one denies how annoying it is that someone can come back over and over again to Balota or NWAF. People shouldn't have unlimited opportunities to get their gear back. That's not what Arma modding was about, it was about survival. Having unlimited spawns on a town makes it so much easier to keep the stuff you should've lost.
  7. Grass.... No, Arma needs more grass. I hate that you can be 50 meters away laying in grass and someone can see you because the grass derenders. It's honestly stupid. Ghilie suits are pointless unless you're withing 30m of someone.
  8. Not upset. I don't mind them coming back, free respect for me. But it is very annoying when attempting to build and have to stop to kill Noobs.
  9. Today my friend and I built a base. It is about 1000m away from a spawn town. Today (the day the base has been built) I have been camped twice. Every time I kill the Noob who comes, they respawn at the near by town and keep coming back. I personally think a player should be able to spawn at a town 2 time within 15 minutes. For example, a guy camps my base; I kill him/her. He/she respawns comes back, I kill him again. Then he/she can't spawn in the near by town within 15 minutes. It would help reduce the hellish Balota warriors, Nizhnoye-NEAF warriors and Vybor-NWAF.
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