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  1. Ill have someone look into this a little more for you
  2. Please note this is not an official forum post about a server wipe or possible server wipe. At this point this is just a player started poll. That being said everything stated here is just an opinion. -DTG staff
  3. Do you have any video evidence of this infraction? If so please pm one of us a video link when possible Thanks
  4. The Anti Air Ural price has been changed: Updated price: is now 180k
  5. Your ban will be placed under review, during that time please take the time to FULLY read our rules here @ http://doubletapgamer.com/index.php?/exile-rules/
  6. From me to you happy new years guys! (let's make 2018 better than 2017)
  7. we totally understand, but just like Tyler stated this ban is now under review and we will get back as soon as possible
  8. These rules are meant to not be broken and give you an unfair advantage over other players Players will not exploit, duplicate, abuse, glitch, or hack any mechanism on the server. Players are required to report any exploitation, abuse, hacking, glitches, errors, and/or bugs encountered on the server to an admin or on the forums. That being said this is NOT a final verdict on your ban but just a statement letting you know how severe your ban is. For now, this is pending under admin review.
  9. Guess this would be fairly cool to have run on the server, random weather etc would make pvp more divers
  10. Super excited to see you guys out there. PS: If you see a plane flying upside down that's probably me so don't shoot me :)v
  11. We have already tried night time in the past, this suggestion comes up a lot but chances of us implementing night time into the server is fairly slim since it brings down server population, but that being said we are always open to suggestions
  12. some players who dont have AA launchers will just get wrecked by the people who are pro pawnee pilots fresh spawns, new players etc
  13. An admin will take a close look at this situation till then guys sit tight!
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