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  1. As Torstein put it (Mind you he was being toxic before the comment that got my friend banned.) "We probably only played for 1 day anyways and we thought we had it all figured out." What a fucking double sided rule. Good luck with your server I guess. Can't imagine it will continue to do well if things like this happen though.
  2. Glad I have to play on an EU Exile server now, because of whatever dumb reason that this can't be resolved lol.
  3. Then why not lift the I.P. ban. It would be obvious if he started playing again since we have the same IP. Don't think its fair that I can't play due to his toxicity towards an admin.
  4. So does this mean I'm going to stay banned just by association...?
  5. We live in the same apartment, so I get that. I was also banned on Discord (I assume also IP based).
  6. When I try to join the server it literally says the reason for being banned as "ryank, Toxic Perma Ban"
  7. IGN: Unreliable Reason for Ban: Unknown If this is related to my group member ryank being banned then that doesn't make sense. I never said anything toxic to the admin, I simply tried to reason the point that was being made.
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