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  1. We had 8 Concrete walls up and 5 concrete floors (we were building it at the time). We had 4 safes filled with about 25k worth of guns. In our virtual garage we had 2 HMVV's with 50's & an Orca Heli. Our flag was also level 4. We could use some of the wood walls and floor back as well but concrete is much more preferred. I know the video doesn't show much but it does show it disappearing. I hope you can find more info in the logs. ArmA_3_2019_06.04_-_20_55_39_02_DVR.mp4
  2. Reporting Flashblood! for possible god mode. I don't see a reason how a shotgun at that range of 10 meters could possibly miss especially with 8 shots and absolutely no blood. wat.mp4
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