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  1. I see what your saying, but coming from someone who does a fair few missions. playing against a group like that is almost unwinnable, no matter how terrible the members of the group are just based on numbers they will overwhelm you. IDK what the solution is other than the limit. The other thing i wanted to suggest but forgot to add, Fast cars. I know in DTG 1.0 we had a modpack with a bunch of supercars and whatnot i feel like adding them might be a good idea because with trader being rather limited on what you can buy, there's not a whole lot to spend your money on, and adding those cars might give people something to do with all that extra cash.
  2. Hey all, i want to preface this post by saying, im not trying to hate on any group in particular or target anyone specific, im going to use a couple of screenshots in this post as reference, they are not meant to put a target on anyone, these are just the examples i have. Now that thats out of the way, ive noticed a few things. First off group sizes, from what ive seen, there are a couple of groups on the server that constantly run 6+ people. Reference- and The issue with groups like these is not only do they constantly have a massive person advantage in game, but the amount of sway they have is off the charts when it comes to server changes. No matter how many 2-4 person groups are doing a mission, the 6+ person group will almost always win soley based on the fact that they can just zerg you down whenever they feel like it. It does not matter how many you kill in a group that size, if you dont wipe all 6+ in 30 seconds you will have a constant flow of bodies towards your position. The rule i would suggest is a limit on group size to 5 members per family/group, this would help balance out the server and create more incentive to do missions while solo or in a small group because there is less chance you just get swarmed by 1 giant entity the moment you complete a mission or do just about anything in the server. The other rule i would suggest is a base limit, IE limiting it to 2 flags/bases per group, this helps open up more territory for other groups to move in, and helps control the pace of a fight, meaning a bigger group cant just have 4-5 bases scattered around the map for easier re-spawns. Just some things ive noticed, thank you, Monkey
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