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  1. It just happened 2 times, was in a place in nowhere, i would have understood if i was warned and did it again or did to gain any kind of advantage, but i didn't.
  2. I understand what you mean, what I'm trying to say is: I did not did it intentionally I did not harmed anyone in any way I did not used it again I did not exposed it to anyone I had no advantage in the occured fact.
  3. i tried to log in today, about 5 minutes ago, and received the messaged that i was permanently banned because of floor glitching the closest thing that happened was yesterday when i was crouching and reloaded my weapon, and my characted was lifted to the top of the floor, but this is a bug, i wasn't glitching anything. In addition, i don't invaded anyone's place or harmed anyone's game experience
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