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  1. Greetings. Australian Player. Managed AInc player group for 5+ years. I and our group pride our selves on 3 golden rules best described as " Dont be a dick ". 1. Keep communications brief and clear 2. Clear Goals and fail conditions 3. Avoid exploits and those who use them Outside of that , we have had the pleasure of HalfSack's company for over 12 months. And , trusting him as we do when it comes to server balance ( A few of us have handled back end for Exile servers in the past - dms - database - back end shit ) , When invited by Half Sack to come support his mate's server decided to drop the server we are currently on , to come try something new That all said - We swear like troopers ( some of us are current / ex ADF ) , call our mates C*&Ts and our foes SIR. Looking forward to experiencing the server.
  2. Disclaimer - posted on 27/04/2019 before server gone live. Just some suggestions if not already applied. Safe zone traders 1. Load out save/rebuy - limited to what is available from Safe Zone Trader - will not save non safe zone gear for load out purchases. 2. Player Market. This allows players themselves to have another way to earn money - And Buyers can decide between doing a black market / Mission vs a high value safe zone purchase of another player. ** Place a X day limit on how many days an item stays on market for (IE: 7 days). If the item has not sold by then. The player loses it. ** Static Missions. 1. Run 2 static missions. Have them randomly selected via DMS on server restart. Allows some variety on server play thru. Xm8. 1. Quad spawn - dependent on a 1 use junk loot item. Ie: electrical cable / toilet paper w.e. 2. Add Craft menu to xm8. 3. Status bar - allow players to edit status bar/hud to suit them. Alot of public scripts for this. 4. ( ONLY IF YOU FORCE GRASS ON ) - cut grass option 10-15 meters around player. Allows players to bi-pod and shoot from prone. 5. VIEW DISTANCE - Object and View Distance - Allow player to set to at least 2kms if not more. Allow for player to edit for on foot - land vehicle - air vehicle. 6. As above ( Only if you dont force grass on ) - allow player to set terrain grid - ie: Show grass - dont show grass. *** Grass only shows for 50 meters around player anyway - so there is no reason to force this on as any opposing player outside of 50meters will see you plain as day.
  3. Saves only equipment purchasable from Safe Zone Trader 2. +1 Quality of life add on.
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