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  1. yeah i know that, i forgot to turn of the nss admin console that i was testing out on a server that im trying to set up, so when i logged on to DGT it was still on. and i instantly got banned by infistar, talked to them and i fixed it with them, now im only banned on this on, i just want jo play with my group again, but why did you guys bann me from discord?
  2. yeah its me again. sorry about that. i talked to infistar a day ago, and i got unnbanned, so i should not be on their ban list. when i log into the server now i get the message that i am banned by torstein, not infistar. i added the last copy of the infistar ban checker. user has authenticated as: 76561198144740357 infiSTAR Ban Checker SteamID: 76561198144740357 GUID: a7b5b1c364c11d58182c6726bacb63eb Battleye: Clean infiSTAR: Clean Today at 6:25 PM
  3. i was checking out some admin tools on a server that im working on. i then forgot to turn them of and when i logged inn i got global banned by infistar, i have talked to infistar and they have unbanned me, but when i logged on the exile server today, it says that i also have been perma banned by torstein
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