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  1. I'm not sure that is a solution either based on the facts being slightly wrong, DTG population has been dying since before any changes were made. Which is what prompted those changes for better or worse. Arma 3 as a whole is less popular because of the other new "shooter" games that have risen in the past year or so. We were in low twenties to low thirties at the best of times before anything significant was touched. Bringing old players back is important because there are so few new players, but many of those old players only like to play during high population times or when they have a goal to strive for. Obviuosly this isnt a solution post so much as a post to defend their decisions up to now. What it comes down to is the staff being so shorthanded that only one or two people were shouldering the project at a time. Whether it was basic in game admin work or behind the scenes coding. What put the nail on the coffin was the exile and redux updates that were sadly implemented and broke the server until tor could fix it. Which is alot for a single person to handle in their spare time. Which just comes back to shorthanded on staff. Bringing things to a stable state as you said is likely to be the best bet. Trying to get as many people on once that state is achieved is the only way for things to recoup and regrow. So in conclusion, If you can help them make the server great, Step up and do what you can. The only changes that I see as necessary are the bare minimum to make it possible to log in and have a smooth experience. Polish
  2. The spooky Vodnik overlords have come to perform magic tricks and you, Lee, have been deemed worthy to witness this. Do not shun this great gift which has been given to you.
  3. adds dynamic to movement and fire fights
  4. zombies good he lies
  5. The Redux map has a lot of really cool places that you could use for Missions, like the tunnel between cherno and Electro, the train station near berezino to the north, the military base at altar and a few other hidden gems along the map.
  6. Silverfox

    Chernarus Isles

    Static mission that has enemy vehicles, mounted guns and at least fifty infantry all inside an airfield or a compound, not sure if its possible, but an AI helicopter would make that much more cool. making either the new island or skallisty a radiation zone would be cool too.
  7. Thanks for fixing the spawn loadouts:-D What are your thoughts about adjustments to the respect tiers and the addition of missing guns from the trader? I'd also like to know if you had plans for adding in other gun packs to further diversify what is used.
  8. my bad, the bizon is in the shops.
  9. Another addition to that list would be the Bizon pp-19
  10. Hi all, just wanted to call attention to a couple things i feel need updating. A few of the respect tiers had HLC weapons in them and currently just spawn the player with nothing. Along with that, the machine gunner loadout you can have airdropped also uses an HLC weapon and will need a replacement. There are also a few gun/ammo variants that are part of the loot table but not purchasable via the traders. The ones i know of are the "TRG" "VSS Vintorez 9x39" and the variant of the ksvk compatible with american sights/scopes. The Ksvk could also have the apds rounds dded in to traders if it was deemed balanced for the server. They do more damage than the lynx apds at the cost of the lower fire rate and accuracy/range of the ksvk and would just be a fun option to have. The last thing I had thoughts on was the lowering of the respect tiers to better match the gains you get for selling the recently nerfed gun prices. Dieing once at 400k respect would put you back 4 hours as opposed to the 2 hours it might have taken before to get back to that level. The numbers obviously were pull out of my ass but are used for perspective. It is very unforgiving to play for several months and potentially never spawn with a 5.56 in a server that has loadout rewards. The only viable way to upkeep it would likely be to lootcycle in the late hours of the night every night instead of doing missions or moving around the map and interacting with other players. Hopefully this did not come across as whiny, but i hope at least a couple of these things are addressed even if hey are somewhat minor and are more of a "polish" update.
  11. Wipes are also great opportunities for admins to make changes and add to the server. IF the decision to wipe occurs i would encourage everyone to make a post on the server about their suggestions of what to add or get rid of.
  12. It has been brought up time and time again over the past week or two about DTG having a wipe... I decided to make a post to get an official idea as to what the community wants.... Some things to take into account are, the older groups with massive bases arent really active anymore from what I have seen, there is a new wave of new players and there are very little base locations available... THe server population has decreased significantly and its started to get harder to get any player interaction "Wipe Hype" always brings new players to a server because it allows everyone to start on an even playing field With the new update on the server it would also balance everyone economically Here are the options... Map Wipe Character Wipe All (Money, Respect, Bank) Money/Bank Wipe Respect Wipe Item Wipe If I am missing any other options let me know and I can add them after.
  13. Could just boost distance bonus, but reversed so that short distance kills were rewarded with the exponential factors based on respect. Not sure how much a3 let's you mod like that, but wouldn't hurt the bambi's if you did that. It would also not punish us guys past 200k for leaving our bases. To be honest base camping is the only reliable way short of loot farming in off hours to gain respect. Hope this is a helpful suggestion.
  14. Thank you:-) i hope you guys don't mind the constructive criticism, i genuinely enjoy this server and hope for the best.
  15. I'm talking about the respect tiers. as far as i can tell you can only see current respect tier.
  16. Adding some type of list players can look at either here in forums or the xm8 device would be a nice addition for clarity's sake would be nice though.
  17. Thank you for the response and all the hard work, its been a while since i have found a good server in arma.
  18. Silverfox

    Parts removel

    I was curious if you would be able to make pier boxes/solar towers movable/removable. Would be a nice quality of life change for when one of those is misplaced.
  19. Silverfox


    Not trying to be a nag, but also wondering if pierboxes/solar towers are supposed to be immovable.
  20. Silverfox


    Is it intentional that there are no fires near the cement mixers?
  21. I would personally LOVE this addition myself.
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