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  1. Happy new year 🙂
  2. J-Roc

    Safezone Theft

    I'm still waiting @Torstein
  3. J-Roc

    Safezone Theft

    Btw I still want comp for that heli. I'll be on the server later on today, check your DMs @Torstein
  4. I'm with Seanj on this one, the server needs to go back to a couple of months ago with HLC and I know people will hate me for it, but we should get thermal back. I know it probably won't happen but at this point the server needs to change to get back some population. If that's the way you guys are going, don't change the name. I don't think people left because they didn't like the admins/players, only because of low population and the lack of progress that's achievable. Back in the days thermal of all sorts were starting to be a currency within the power groups, and they brought some level of excitement when using them, nowadays you cannot lose anything that valuable. Let's keep it away from the militarized though! People loved DTG and they still do, we just need to give them a reason to comeback every day. On the other hand, zombie/DayZ servers are getting more and more popular but that's a risk that I don't think you guys should take. By the time your server's out, the market will be overflown. Like you said Tyler, there are more Exile servers than Exile players, the server doesn't need to jump on a trend that might die soon. Also, I don't think zombie/Dayz servers have the same player base as DTG, we would lose most of the current population to hopefully get some new ones. The Polish server is also dead, if you guys really want to experiment with other things, you know where to do it. I played on this server on and off for about a year now and I hope we can keep it going and this might help. Sorry for my bad English -J-Roc
  5. I drove to trader right after restart, while I was talking with 2 other players that had a question, Jack West rammed my armed prowler with is bike. That prowler was then a gift to god because it went straight to heaven. He was saying that he was lagging but you can clearly see that he swerved right into the vehicle and he wanted it to happen without a single doubt. Just to make the decision easier for the admin he started shooting another player in trader as well. My armed prowler had a RPG-42 and a Titan that both had 2 rockets, a fully decked out navid 9.3 and more important, 10 pierboxes that I got before restart. I would like to get reimburse for my lost if possible
  6. J-Roc

    Safezone Theft

    I don't have a base but it's still good to know for later on. Thanks
  7. I was at a mission, 2 player landed in their Ghosthawk. I killed them both, took their loot and the unlocked Ghosthawk to sell everything at the safezone. Once I landed, they were waiting for me and locked me in. The pictures show them bragging in the chat, the two I killed (Vetle + Goodnight) and the third friend (Kjerand)
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