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  1. Next time be sure to think before acting upon a situation. Making a conscious decision to break a rule is not ok, we will be lenient since this is your first offense. All of the server rules are posted in game on your xm8 as well as here on the forums. As Torstein said we do not tolerate any floor/wall glitching. Your ban issued will be a 3 day temp ban. You will be able to play again after that.
  2. Thank you for the report. We will will look into this.
  3. Thanks for the report, we will look into this further. If you have any other evidence come up please submit it promptly.
  4. Nice work there bud. Get some of your kills on here(DTG) though!
  5. Pretty sure I read this somewhere else already, so I will repeat it. Problem is that with a strella you can dodge almost every rocket if you haven't forgot where the flare button is. Problem with the stinger is that it's hard to dodge any rocket unless you have a 1km buffer for reaction, and still didn't forget where the flare button is. So hopefully the loot change will help with this, making stingers more of a rare find.
  6. I feel like the spawn rate now is pretty balanced. I haven't seen a stinger anywhere except a rad zone, and I see the strella everywhere else. I hope that will balance things out a bit.
  7. Yea we were looking at this a little worried as well. Same opinion of Half Sack when it comes to players and families with their bases. I feel as if the better solution would be to limit how many a player could be added to rather than limit the amount per family itself, even though I would miss all those spawn points D':
  8. bigPat

    Few suggestions

    As of right now, being the 2nd day back up I don't think the issue with having too many bases or a family too large is a huge issue. When DTG gets back to poppin like it was though it could become a nuisance. I would like to see a timer system put into place if nothing else, for example is John is killed by an enemy in his base he cant spawn back there for X amount of minutes. If John dies by falling/respawning etc then he can respawn there once and then has to wait X amount of minutes if it happens again.
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