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  1. Yea we were looking at this a little worried as well. Same opinion of Half Sack when it comes to players and families with their bases. I feel as if the better solution would be to limit how many a player could be added to rather than limit the amount per family itself, even though I would miss all those spawn points D':
  2. bigPat

    Few suggestions

    As of right now, being the 2nd day back up I don't think the issue with having too many bases or a family too large is a huge issue. When DTG gets back to poppin like it was though it could become a nuisance. I would like to see a timer system put into place if nothing else, for example is John is killed by an enemy in his base he cant spawn back there for X amount of minutes. If John dies by falling/respawning etc then he can respawn there once and then has to wait X amount of minutes if it happens again.
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