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  1. we have a few people we suspected of hacking on the night of the 16th please leave us an appeal telling us what happened that night where you where what you were doing and if you saw anything fishy explain your gameplay so we may review our logs
  2. you launched 1 persons vehicle out of trader... you said you were sorry you landed to close to it. thats when i gave the warning that any vehicle ramming will get you a 3 day ban. it was at this time all the players you had rammed started talking in sidechat you knew exactly what you did and it was not 1 but 3 people saying you also rammed their vehicle....... as I sat in trader watching you fly you landed almost on top of that muscle car which caused it do explode.... you already hit one car out of trader cause you landed so close to it. you already knew landing close to other vehicles causes an issue. you have a 3 day ban you will have a last chance to play on our servers again until your 3 days is up i would recommend you practice your flying skills in the editor
  3. Phantom

    un ban

    1. I was watching you and them to make sure no one was camping trader 2. you would sit and watch trader and the base looking for anyone going in and out 3. you watched the heli fly into trader you watched it leave and when it got over there base you launched a rocket at it. 4. i attemped to leave trader in a monster truck which as soon as protection dropped you shot out my tires i tried to turn around and you killed me 68m from trader. 5. no one was shooting at you i was watching you for the last 20 mins. 6. every player who has camped trader in the same mannor has had the same 3 day ban with no warnings its in the rules we are not here to baby sit 24-7. 7.. my ban stands unless Tor would like to give you a chance
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