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  1. So I am seeing flags put out that does not even have walls around it. Because of the no base raiding for 7 days thing, they are plopping them down near missions and using them as spawn beacons. This is crazy. Specially with large groups. You can also move the flags now without an admin, yes? So they use it and move it. Spawn beacons all over. This is very flawed. JuJu
  2. BadJuJu

    Few suggestions

    Huge bases all over the map are intimidating to new comers, specially with base spawning on. I like Half Sacks idea. You shouldn't be able to set up multiple spawn points around the map for yourself and friends. Timer for all spawn points at the very least. JuJu
  3. BadJuJu

    Few suggestions

    I played on a server once that had it where you could only build to a level 3 base unless you were in a family and even then the family had to give up their rights to build individually to upgrade to a family base larger than level 3. That was pretty neat. JuJu
  4. BadJuJu

    Few suggestions

    Hello again DTG! I wanted to just throw a few ideas out there. One, eliminate base spawning. If that is not an option, eliminate penis towers ( height limit, extended building mod, lag city) and make it so all players can only be on one flag at a time? This would stop encouraging people with large groups to build a gazillion bases all over the map to spawn on. I think the no base spawning is the better option. Granted, I just came back and I don't even know if these issues have already been addressed. I just know how it used to be. On the plus side, I LOVE that you can't turn off the grass. The mow feature is awesome. The loot drops are good to grab and get back into battle. I love that it is not full militarized like every other frikken server out there! Which you might want to consider mentioning in your description on the A3 launcher as many people are looking specifically for that. I look forward to seeing DTG great again. I had a lot of good times here. Cheers! BadJuJu
  5. BadJuJu


    I was harassed and stream sniped by this crew for hours. I know you might not have rules in place for stream snipers but they harassed and broke rules for a while. They tried ramming me a number of times with a heli, they would run me over in trader and just troll verbally. I have clips of it all as this fool streamed as her broke these rules. I was also streaming and you can see everything I did and how I responded. They also accused the admins of cheating by giving me god mode when their kamikaze attempt failed. https://clips.twitch.tv/SpotlessQuaintJamJonCarnage https://clips.twitch.tv/FitPricklyLardImGlitch https://clips.twitch.tv/ClumsyTawdryAniseKappa https://clips.twitch.tv/PoliteCrowdedMooseAMPEnergy https://clips.twitch.tv/LittleSuavePassionfruitOSkomodo https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklingOddAppleHassanChop Heck just watch his VOD from 1:15 to end. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/225224375 Here is mine for the record, my VOD from 2:31 for almost the rest of the stream. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/225214182 Their crew members are.... stevesquared Gage Woolbert iAmTheKLUB Sean5154 Fierces1 T (not too sure the exact name) CGH Rampage Thanks, JuJu
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