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  1. Yeah sorry, I didn't put it on youtube but it was not uploading. But yeah he does this all the time it is ridiculous, to be honest and he just denies it when I bring it up kind of pathetic but what can ya do...
  2. I was at a ZCP mission as someone was doing it and then it finished I got eyes on my target shot a few times, they hid behind a wall and then I see "Nick disconnected" I keep my eyes on the area the whole time and after bombing nothing happened as the player disconnected while he was behind the wall. This is not the first time this Nick has done this though this is the first time I have video evidence now that I record. Nick_Combat_Log.mp4
  3. The server was on the downhill ever since that first wipe a few months ago that sent all the rich players packing. I kept playing and worked my way back up but felt that redux ruined the server. After redux was put in the pop went down even more and the server pretty much died out. I think that you should rebrand and go back to regular exile and bring back HLC weapons as I think it is fixed now. I think it would bring back the classic exile experience that I love and i'm sure a lot of others do too. Well, that is my input, thanks. -Seanj
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