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  1. Torstein


    Ban lifted.
  2. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you were trying to join with the name Owner or Administrator and that is also the name of your computer.
  3. You have a name set to your Arma 3 profile. I need to know what name you are joining the server under so I can look at logs and tell you what errors we are getting server side.
  4. What name are you logging in with?
  5. I'll lift the ban, but do not impersonate anyone anymore.
  6. Tell me when the warning signs started to go off.
  7. TorsteinToday at 1:42 AM @here who is Social Justice Warrior? Don't lie I will remove you CheesedToday at 1:43 AM me TorsteinToday at 1:43 AM Okay, a ban then CheesedToday at 1:43 AM frick the capitolists we need more government roe v wade is gud my body my choice TorsteinToday at 1:44 AM Impersonaiting isn't allowed here CheesedToday at 1:44 AM oh shoot TorsteinToday at 1:44 AM I really could care less if you play here Here, I'll show you the door CheesedToday at 1:45 AM oof
  8. This is the second time we are dealing with your anger issues on the server. I will allow you one last chance. If you break another major rule on the server there will NOT be a third chance. The ban will be made a 24 hour ban. You can come back tomorrow SOBER.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to report this.
  10. base name? did they steal the flag? did you already replace the flag? what day did you notice the flag missing?
  11. Torstein


    I would look at your view distance settings in your XM8 and check your graphics settings after.
  12. Find a better server then.
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