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  1. You were issued a ban for killing a player in the CP by crawling under the HQ military building and sticking your gun up thru the floor. This is floor glitching and we have a zero tolerance policy for these kinds of tactics. Your ban will remain while the rest of staff, including the staff member who issued the ban, review the severity of your rule violation.
  2. Thank you for letting me know you are not supposed to be banned. Appeal denied.
  3. You weren't banned for trash talking. You were banned for being a member of a group who used a racist name.
  4. Torstein

    Ban appeal

    After reviewing the base layout I can see the port of entry you took to try and steal the flag. I would be more careful about small spaces, especially if they are going to lead you to glitching thru the floor. Ban lifted.
  5. Torstein

    Forum Addition

    You are more than welcome to throw banter at individuals on Discord, but we like to keep it civil here on the forums.
  6. You also jumped in the truck and tried to sell it. After being kicked from the vehicle by anti-theft you took the crate out of the truck and began taking items from it. The player then sold the items inside the crate to stop you from taking anymore. You were then notified by the player that stealing in safe zone was against the rules, to which your group replied show us the rule and we'll give you your items back. I know this because it was all recorded. Your group are under a 24 hour bans with 14 and a half hours remaining. Please take the time to read over the rules to avoid anymore violations and future bans.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to report the issue. This is now resolved.
  8. Looking into this I see you and ryank use the same IPs. When a player is banned we issue bans on player accounts and IPs so players can't simply swap accounts and rejoin the server.
  9. If you recall when they were in, the driver took no damage and the wheels were almost indestructible. We removed those long before we took a break.
  10. The mod you are talking about is HVP or Hollows Vehicle Pack. The reason we chose to remove it this time around is it calls to another mod called The Birds and The Bees. This mod is not required but when players tried to join it would force some players to install and load that mod also. It would cause a lot of connection problems for people who have little debugging skills and would simply give up trying to join. We do hope to bring some of those vehicles back in the future.
  11. Thank for reporting the player. This issue has been resolved.
  12. Alright you should be good to go.
  13. Hang on I'll sort you out.
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