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  1. I know my opinion doesn't really mean much at this point due to how often I am available however; seeing the post... DTG is well... DTG. No reason to rename/rebrand it. It looks good, sounds good, and hasnt been an issue for years. The most logical thing that I personally think would help is option 2 and or 3. At some point it is going to be more considerable to venture into other games with a higher player base and what not.
  2. Fusion3Gz

    Chernarus Isles

  3. Fusion3Gz

    Ban appeal

    If you can come into discord sometime tomorrow night and I can talk with you about it.
  4. What name were you banned under?
  5. Situation has been dealt with; thanks for the report.
  6. This is being investigated; please standby till further notice.
  7. Fusion3Gz

    Ban appeal

    Ban has been lifted.
  8. Fusion3Gz

    Ban appeal

    I looked into your ban, @Tyler banned you and is therefor in charge of your appeal. He will be notified and you should have a response within the next 24 hours.
  9. Fusion3Gz

    Ban appeal

    What was the name that you got banned under?
  10. Yeah.... lately a whopping 30 players max avg compared to when we were at 50 players max avg.... woohoo...
  11. Not sure if you're aware but DayZ was born from Arma..... just saying.
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