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  1. This sounds awfully familiar.
  2. 50/50 on it its not hard to just shoot them out then drive off with it yourself. Wouldn't bother me if implemented or not.
  3. This went on for another minute after I ended the recording
  4. Phoefire


    Bikes were full of glitches. From flipping them to ramming other cars, they always win. There are ways to travel silently, If a bike is the only method thought of to move silently I'm genuinely surprised. There are a lot of different ways to.
  5. @viper It is. @Half Sack This adds a medium. It allows people to put things in there so people can openly at anytime go there and purchase. People cannot be on at all times. @Torstein This is still a thought and a lot could be changed etc. If anyone has ideas they should put them down. This is also a discussion. There are probably ways to improve it etc.
  6. Phoefire


    1. When was it said you wouldn't have to buy your gear? 2. It wouldn't be instant back into the action, you'd still have to travel to a trader, as well as buy the gear and travel back. 3. I was clarifying what he was possibly meaning.
  7. Phoefire


    @Torstein What I think he means as setting up a loadout at trader,which you can go to and buy the set really fast with like 2 clicks to quickly gear up. So lets say you put your favorite gear in it so you wouldn't have to go to each shop and spend a lot of time scrolling through to get the stuff you want.
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