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    I was banned around two years ago for duping and I recently heard the server got relaunched, I haven't played Arma 3 since, so I thought I had my opportunity at a second chance, but when I logged in I realized I was still banned. I was wondering if this ban can get appealed so I can play again. Thanks for reading
  3. Dear, DTG Staff members I really messed up and I want to apologize for my actions. I was caught duping around three days ago, and for that I wanted to say I am sorry. I was duping just to make quick money, I heard there was a dupe going around and I was curious to try it. I am dumb, the first time I tried it I got banned and I regret it. This is the first time I've ever tried to dupe. That's the reason why I probably got caught, as you can tell. I've learned my lesson and how I shouldn't dupe because now I can't even play with my friends. I've been on the server for about three weeks now and because of one really dumb action I have to suffer the consequences which I completely understand, but if you're able to help me out in anyway I would appreciate it. I also wouldn't have any problem coming onto your Discord, Teamspeak or any other program you would want to communicate on to talk about this if you want. Thank you for reading, and once again, I am sorry.
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