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  1. might help if you gave the admins your in game name or UID, just saying.
  2. As Tor said it needs some time to balance itself back out. This is sort of how it was before on DTG and i remember players fighting over Stingers left at missions by the AI because they were rare and valuable as weapons. Good times.
  3. The problem is the strella can be dodged almost all the time as long as you did not forget what the flare key is. And the stinger cant be flared unless you have about a 1k+ buffer zone on it. There is no middle ground so both are sort of needed.
  4. Why not do what you did last time, it was limited to the person, not the family. A single person could only be on 3 bases at a time (maybe drop it to 2). The family thing can be tricky because some established families already have multiple members with their own base. Seems like a tricky thing to work out as well as it would mean that if our family already had 3 bases, we could not accept a new member into the family to play unless he gave up his base. Would the script allow him to join if he already had 1 and the family had 3 already? Would it just delete his base or would it be up to _him_ to delete it himself. Which leads into other problems like what SG had where a family did not always know someone was on multiple bases, leading the staff to punish the family as a whole for something they had no way of knowing.
  5. If the timer could be applied to ALL basses as one that would i think help. So you cant just shuffle from base to base as you die. So if you are on 3 bases and used your base re-spawn up it locks you out from spawning on _any_ of them for the next X mins.
  6. Even just removing the bleeding while in a vehicle would be a step up while still making people have to be careful when driving. It is sort of annoying to hit a bush on a quad and you bleed out before you can even bandage
  7. Half Sack

    Loadout Trader

    eh, im so-so on this. It takes me a min tops to re-buy my gear and i kind of like the idea of slowing down the ability to just jump right back into action.
  8. meh, he did something similar with us. Pay attention cause he might change his name and re-connect. Last night he changed it to "dumpster". I killed him on reconnect and then stole the mission loot from him. Nothing really against the rules i think as long as he was not "in combat" but yeah, still really lowbrow play. If it makes you feel better he almost certainly didnt retain the money he got from the cap point. (also, if you do a video put it on youtube or something, no one in their right mind is going to download a random file from an unknown person online)
  9. This can happen to pretty much any vehicle (with redux) from what iv seen. It sort of depends on where it's flipped. If the vehicle is deadly important just lock it and wait till restart.
  10. Half Sack


    You guys had said you were looking for videos. Everything recent on there in exile is DTG
  11. The coast in redux is amazing and fun. And the coast in arma 2 used to be a popping spot. Balota and Cherno were always full of gun fire. But i think with all these inland spawns that has really killed the coast. Perhaps remove some of them? Or maybe only allow players 1 inland spawn per cycle or even have it like other servers have where its either the cost or a random halo drop somewhere on the map. With the ability to spawn at your base as well i see no real reason why you cant take out all the inland spawns and bring life back to the coast.
  12. Redux i think would be fine. But no zombies. They are all broken as hell and take a hit to server performance. Redux is a beautiful but id imagine more server intense map to run, adding zombies slows it down even more. Adding zombies would probably make some people just leave for other servers (i might).
  13. Im not trying to remove the rule, i just wanted to make it clear that you *can* in some instances kill a guy right outside trader (even when you are leaving trader yourself) and not get a ban for it. Especially since as i have said past admins (before you came back) did not seem to understand the trader camping rule themselves since on two occasions they gave two different distance that players should not engage from trader.
  14. Of course i know you will look into things, but for this subject its hard to determine the motive of the killer unless he was being watched hence why i kinda wanted a clarification. Because as i said, in all honesty if im at trader and i go to leave i will definitely kill a player i see coming in if im not in god mode myself. Better him than me. Just like if i know a player is going to go to a trader ill put myself between him and trader as well. Is it camping? I guess you could say so, but it still seems an okay move to make given traders offer plenty of opportunity for protection and a smart player could easily avoid me.
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