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DTG Returns

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A big welcome back to our returning community members, and welcome to all who are joining the community for the first time. DTG Exile is back and hitting the ground running. Allow us to go over a few changes to the server and give you a road map for future updates.



The following are only obtainable through missions or looting buildings

Mission ONLY Vehicles

  • Venom Gunship
  • Escort
  • Pawnee
  • Armed Orca
  • ZU23 AA Ural
  • Mastiff HMG

Mission/Loot ONLY Weapons

  • Lynx Sniper
  • M320 LRR Sniper
  • AS50 Sniper
  • M107 Sniper
  • KSVK Sniper
  • Strela AA Launcher
  • NAVID 
  • SPMG
  • MG42
  • M60E4
  • MK48
  • M240

Mission/Loot ONLY Items

  • UAV Terminal
  • UAV Drone
  • LRPS Scope
  • Leupold Mk4 Scope
  • Nightstalker Scope
  • Suppressors
  • Explosive Satchel
  • Explosive Charge
  • Cement
  • Full Ghillies

Removed Vehicles

  • CROW M2 Remote Turret HMMWV
  • Dingo 2 MG Remote Turret
  • Mi-6T Hook
  • C130
  • DC-3

By removing these items and weapons from the trader, we are hoping to bring more balance to the server and encourage players to leave their bases. We have spent a great deal of time working on the new loot tables; but understand that nothing is perfect the first time. Player feedback is necessary to tweak the loot tables for missions and buildings to optimize your player experience. Please understand that we do not want it to be too easy for you to obtain everything, but you shouldn't have to spend weeks hunting for a particular item. This isn't Dayz.


Territory Anti-Raid Protection
This feature is more for new players who are still learning the game. A new territory will be given 7 days of protection or until the flag reaches level 3, whichever happens first. After that time the base will be vulnerable to raids. During protection players will not be able to place charges, grind locks, and hack safes or virtual garages.

Anti-Floor Peeking
As many veterans know it is easy to glitch your gun thru the floor and kill the player below you. As this is bannable, there are players who still take advantage of this glitch and the risk of a ban. To help fight against temptation, you will now be force into a upward crouch position if you attempt to use this exploit.

Radiation Zones
These areas will generate higher loot spawns, and rare loot spawns. Items that have been removed from the stores will spawn here in greater numbers than at other areas. We will further expand the uses of these areas with specialized missions and other features soon.

Carriers & Destroyers
We are happy that we have been able to rewrite the build limit script to include the surface of the water. Because of this we have added in 2 Aircraft Carriers and 3 Destroyers onto the map. These ships are static and have no weapons on them. These are strictly for water bases. We can add more in the future if needed, but we are happy with the current number on the server. Also be aware the Arma 3 Carrier is not the modded Carrier as seen in some videos and access is limited to the main deck. The Destroyers however, are very spacious and have a very detailed interior which is why we added 3.


We will be working on new features for the server that will be released once they are fully tested and functioning as intended. Please be patient as we work on these features and understand that we aren't setting a release date for any particular feature. Additionally, note that these features listed aren't in any particular order.

Working Mine Detector
Currently you are unable to use a mine detector due to the fact that you are not assigned an Engineer role as an Exile Player. All Exile Players are assigned a rifleman role. We will be introducing a work-around for this issue and introduce mine detectors soon.

Randomly moving Rad Zone
We will be working on a system that will select a random town and turn it into a radiation zone for a short period of time. The winds will slowly move the zone from town to town throughout the server session.

Family Invite Permissions for non-owners
Currently only the owner of the family can invite other members to the family. We will be adding in a ranking ability so that other members of the family can invite new members instead of waiting for the family owner to come online.

And a few other *Hush Hush* features we are working on. Should be a lot of fun, and can't wait for you guys to try them out.

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