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DTG Exile Chernarus: Keys & FAQ

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The following settings are custom for our Exile server. Please read carefully:

XM8: 6
Lower Sound: 5
Display Level Details: 7
Holster/Unholster Weapon: 4
Lock/Unlock HotKey: Use Action 1
3D Group Marker HotKey: Use Action 2
Cut Grass HotKey: Use Action 18
Suicide Vest HotKey: Use Action 19
InstaDoc HotKey: Use Action 20
Sling Load: Right Ctrl + B


How do I spawn a quad?
Spawn a quad using your XM8.

When do bases despawn?
Bases delete after 14 days without payment.

Why did my vehicle despawn?
Vehicles delete after 2 days without being moved. Use the Virtual Garage to avoid this.

Why did my character roll back?
Logout at least 5 minutes before restart to avoid gear loss.

How often can I spawn at my base?
You can spawn at your base once every 15 minutes.

Why can't I use Airdrops?
You unlock Airdrops at 25k respect.

Why isn't loot spawning?
Loot does not spawn within 500 meters of Traders.

How do I access my Virtual Garage?
Use your XM8 to access the Virtual Garage.

Why can't I store my vehicle in the Virtual Garage?
You and the vehicle must be in your territory to use the Virtual Garage.

Why can't I hack a safe or flag pole?
There needs to be a minimum of 10 players online to start a hack.

Why can't I hack anymore?
You can hack a base 4 times.

How long does it take to hack?
Hacks take 5 minutes to complete.

Do the helicopters have rockets?
All rockets have been removed from helicopters.

Where can I find a suicide vest?
The suicide vest can be purchased at the Spec-Ops Trader.

How can I claim a vehicle?
You need a code lock to claim a vehicle.

How many cement mixers are there?
There are 8 Mixers on the map, two have been marked.

Where can I find cement mixers?
Hidden mixers can be found in Industrial and Factory areas.

Why can't I swing my axe?
If you can't swing your axe, drop it on the ground and pick it back up.

Why is it saying enemy in territory?
If other players are in your territory and not on the build rights, you can not build.

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