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DTG Exile Chernarus: Rules

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Any of the following violations can result in a kick and/or ban.


Rule #1 Players will not exploit, duplicate, abuse, glitch, or hack any mechanism on the server.
Rule #2 Players are required to report any exploitation, abuse, hacking, glitches, errors, and/or bugs encountered on the server to an admin or on the forums.
Rule #3 No racism, excessive arguing, use of VOIP, harassment, or spamming in sidechat.
Rule #4 Land vehicles are not allowed to be placed on top of bases!
Rule #5 Do NOT kamikaze with any aircraft!
Rule #6 Stream Sniping is considered harassment and exploiting. Determining a players location via stream is no different than running ESP. It provides an unfair advantage and you will receive temp ban!
Rule #7 Bambi vs Bambi in Spawn Towns is acceptable. Camping Spawn Towns with, but not limited to, Vehicles or Aircraft is NOT allowed.(This rule is void if a mission spawns on-top or within 1k of a spawn town)


Building Rules
Rule #8 No building near military zones, across, over, in towns/cities or close to trader areas. Towns, cities, or next to off roads. 1k is the minimum distance for traders. Towns and cities vary due to size. Players are to build no closer than 50 meters to a road unless occupying a building next to it.
Rule #9 If occupying a building next to a road, the player may not build closer to the road. They must stay within the walls of the building.
Rule #10 No building in debug. Any and all objects, or flags, will be removed without warning.
Rule #11 Do not layer walls/floors. Any base that layers their walls or floors will be deleted without warning.
Rule #12 Do not abuse Vector Building function to re-purpose building objects. Walls are walls, floors are floors, EBM objects are not walls. Objects and/or bases will be deleted without warning if this rules is violated.
Rule #13 No floating air bases or floating safes. All objects must make contact with the ground or existing structure. Objects and/or bases will be deleted without warning if this rule is violated.


Raiding Rules
Rule #14 Do not remove the ability to steal a flagpole. This means NO stacking objects on-top of the flag pole, or burying it into the ground. Objects and/or bases will be deleted without warning if this rule is violated. Players may build a room around the flag pole to keep it safe. Doors are NOT required for the flag room or the entire base.
Rule #15 You must be 150 meters from a flag in order to say you are raiding a base.
Rule #16 Any person exploiting of anti-raiding scripts or anti-building scripts will be punished with a permanent ban.
Rule #17 Any person wall glitching, or 3rd person camera exploiting will be punished with a permanent ban.


Trader Rules
Rule #18 No trolling, harassing, loitering, stealing, or ramming in safe zones. We don't care if you are playing around with your friends. Get in, and get out!
Rule #19 No camping of Safe Zone Traders. If a player runs to trader to avoid combat you may wait for them to leave and stalk them out of trader.
Rule #20 Sitting in trader and waiting for a RANDOM person to leave is trader camping and violates rule 18 and 19.

Bans can be appealed at: http://doubletapgamer.com/

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