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DTG Exile Chernarus: Rules

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Any of the following violations can result in a kick and/or ban.

Note: Camping is setting up shop and watching a specific area for players to enter before making the final kill.

Server Rules
Rule #1
Players will NOT exploit, duplicate, abuse, glitch, or hack any mechanism on the server.
Rule #2 Players are required to report any exploitation, abuse, hacking, glitches, errors, and/or bugs encountered on the server to an admin or on the forums.
Rule #3 No racism, excessive arguing, use of VOIP, harassment, or spamming in sidechat.
Rule #4 Land vehicles are NOT allowed to be placed on top of bases!
Rule #5 Do NOT kamikaze with any aircraft!
Rule #6 Stream Sniping is considered harassment and exploiting. Determining a players location via stream is no different than running ESP. It provides an unfair advantage and you will receive 3 Day Ban!
Rule #7 Camping Spawn Towns with, but NOT limited to, Vehicles or Aircraft is NOT allowed.(This rule is void if a mission spawns on-top or within 1k of a spawn town)
Rule #8 Bambi vs Bambi in Spawn Towns is acceptable; however, actively staying in Spawn Town to hunt and kill Fresh Spawns is NOT allowed.
Rule #9 Players caught combat logging from a hostile interaction can be subject to a 24 hour ban.

Building Rules
Rule #10
 No building across, over, in towns/cities or roads. 1k is the minimum distance for traders. Towns and Cities vary due to size. Players are to build no closer than 50 meters to a road unless occupying a building next to it.
Rule #11 If occupying a building next to a road, the player may NOT build closer to the road. They must stay within the walls of the building/compound(This includes fence lines).
Rule #12 No building in debug. Any and all objects, or flags, will be removed without warning.
Rule #13 Do NOT layer walls/floors. Any base that layers their walls or floors will be deleted without warning(Doors are NOT required for a base).
Rule #14 Do NOT abuse Vector Building function to re-purpose building objects. Walls are walls, floors are floors, EBM objects are NOT walls. Using floor ports or ladder ports as sniper windows is acceptable.
Rule #15 No floating air bases or floating safes. All objects must make contact with the ground or existing structure. Objects and/or bases will be deleted without warning if this rule is violated.

Raiding Rules
Rule #16
 Do NOT remove the ability to steal a flagpole. This means NO stacking objects on-top of the flag pole, or burying it into the ground. Objects and/or bases will be deleted without warning if this rule is violated. Players may build a room around the flag pole to keep it safe. Doors are NOT required for the flag room or the entire base.
Rule #17 You must be 150 meters from a flag in order to say you are raiding a base.
Rule #18 Any person exploiting of anti-raiding scripts or anti-building scripts will be permanently banned from DTG.
Rule #19 Any person wall glitching or 3rd person camera exploiting will be permanently banned from DTG.

Trader Rules
Rule #20
 No trolling, harassing, loitering, stealing, or ramming in safe zones. We don't care if you are playing around with your friends. Get in, and get out!
Rule #21 No camping of Safe Zone Traders. If a player runs to trader to avoid combat you may wait for them to leave and stalk them out of trader.
Rule #22 Sitting in trader and waiting for a RANDOM person to leave is trader camping and violates rule 20 and 21.

Bans can be appealed at: http://doubletapgamer.com/

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