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Guns, Money, and Respect

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Hi all, just wanted to call attention to a couple things i feel need updating. A few of the respect tiers had HLC weapons in them and currently just spawn the player with nothing. Along with that, the machine gunner loadout you can have airdropped also uses an HLC weapon and will need a replacement. 

    There are also a few gun/ammo variants that are part of the loot table but not purchasable via the traders. The ones i know of are the "TRG" "VSS Vintorez 9x39" and the variant of the ksvk compatible with american sights/scopes. The Ksvk could also have the apds rounds dded in to traders if it was deemed balanced for the server. They do more damage than the lynx apds at the cost of the lower fire rate and accuracy/range of the ksvk and would just be a fun option to have.

    The last thing I had thoughts on was the lowering of the respect tiers to better match the gains you get for selling the recently nerfed gun prices. Dieing once at 400k respect would put you back 4 hours as opposed to the 2 hours it might have taken before to get back to that level. The numbers obviously were pull out of my ass but are used for perspective. It is very unforgiving to play for several months and potentially never spawn with a 5.56  in a server that has loadout rewards. The only viable way to upkeep it would likely be to lootcycle in the late hours of the night every night instead of doing missions or moving around the map and interacting with other players. 

   Hopefully this did not come across as whiny, but i hope at least a couple of these things are addressed even if hey are somewhat minor and are more of a "polish" update.

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Thanks for fixing the spawn loadouts:-D What are your thoughts about adjustments to the respect tiers and the addition of missing guns from the trader? I'd also like to know if you had plans for adding in other gun packs to further diversify what is used.

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