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    log in issue

    just installed. thank you
  3. Tyler

    log in issue

    Server was down for maintenance. Please join our discord for live updates!
  4. mrtickles

    log in issue

    not able to get on the server. ping is at 9999 player count 0/0, all other servers are ok so does this mean I am banned or server is down?
  5. Yes we have noticed this also. I am working on a way for the server to load up the GUI faster to try and combat this issue. It annoys me as much as it annoys everyone else as I want you all to have the best experience possible when playing on DTG.
  6. We go around and remove these flags. If there is no base then it is not a territory and just a spawn beacon which is not allowed.
  7. So i have been playing on this server for a week and there is a bug where when you open the trader the screen will freeze for a certain amount of time before the trader menu opens up. The freeze time varies between the type of trader. Armory trader having the most gear to sell takes 1-2 mins to open while fast food about 10 seconds. Others can relate too, there has been instances where the trader (no matter which one) opened up immediately without freezing. Sometimes when the game unfreezes and the trader opens you will also get kicked instantly. Thanks in advance
  8. So I am seeing flags put out that does not even have walls around it. Because of the no base raiding for 7 days thing, they are plopping them down near missions and using them as spawn beacons. This is crazy. Specially with large groups. You can also move the flags now without an admin, yes? So they use it and move it. Spawn beacons all over. This is very flawed. JuJu
  9. I hear your concerns and I agree with you all. We will go more down the route of individual players rather than the entire family. If it doesn't workout then we will look at the steeper choice of the overall family.
  10. Earlier
  11. Yea we were looking at this a little worried as well. Same opinion of Half Sack when it comes to players and families with their bases. I feel as if the better solution would be to limit how many a player could be added to rather than limit the amount per family itself, even though I would miss all those spawn points D':
  12. This was easily avoided by leaving all territories, placing your own flag down, and then being invited to all the territories again. But we will work on something where it may not be tied to the family but the individual. A more permanent fix of how it was supposed to work with the only being apart of X amount of territories.
  13. Why not do what you did last time, it was limited to the person, not the family. A single person could only be on 3 bases at a time (maybe drop it to 2). The family thing can be tricky because some established families already have multiple members with their own base. Seems like a tricky thing to work out as well as it would mean that if our family already had 3 bases, we could not accept a new member into the family to play unless he gave up his base. Would the script allow him to join if he already had 1 and the family had 3 already? Would it just delete his base or would it be up to _him_ to delete it himself. Which leads into other problems like what SG had where a family did not always know someone was on multiple bases, leading the staff to punish the family as a whole for something they had no way of knowing.
  14. The HVP mod pack was removed due to players having trouble joining to the server since the Mod pack would call to The Birds N the Bees, which we do not use. To end the complication we removed the outdated and no longer supported mod pack.
  15. I see what your saying, but coming from someone who does a fair few missions. playing against a group like that is almost unwinnable, no matter how terrible the members of the group are just based on numbers they will overwhelm you. IDK what the solution is other than the limit. The other thing i wanted to suggest but forgot to add, Fast cars. I know in DTG 1.0 we had a modpack with a bunch of supercars and whatnot i feel like adding them might be a good idea because with trader being rather limited on what you can buy, there's not a whole lot to spend your money on, and adding those cars might give people something to do with all that extra cash.
  16. The base limit script is already in the works and the family will be limited to 3 bases. As for group sizes, there are a few large groups on the server of more than 6 players. Some groups are international so their members are not all on at one time, but to limit them to a certain size would cause friends to split up and be apart of different families. This is not ideal as players will simply leave the server to go else where where they all can play together whenever they want. Because of this I can't support that idea.
  17. Hey all, i want to preface this post by saying, im not trying to hate on any group in particular or target anyone specific, im going to use a couple of screenshots in this post as reference, they are not meant to put a target on anyone, these are just the examples i have. Now that thats out of the way, ive noticed a few things. First off group sizes, from what ive seen, there are a couple of groups on the server that constantly run 6+ people. Reference- and The issue with groups like these is not only do they constantly have a massive person advantage in game, but the amount of sway they have is off the charts when it comes to server changes. No matter how many 2-4 person groups are doing a mission, the 6+ person group will almost always win soley based on the fact that they can just zerg you down whenever they feel like it. It does not matter how many you kill in a group that size, if you dont wipe all 6+ in 30 seconds you will have a constant flow of bodies towards your position. The rule i would suggest is a limit on group size to 5 members per family/group, this would help balance out the server and create more incentive to do missions while solo or in a small group because there is less chance you just get swarmed by 1 giant entity the moment you complete a mission or do just about anything in the server. The other rule i would suggest is a base limit, IE limiting it to 2 flags/bases per group, this helps open up more territory for other groups to move in, and helps control the pace of a fight, meaning a bigger group cant just have 4-5 bases scattered around the map for easier re-spawns. Just some things ive noticed, thank you, Monkey
  18. Thank you for your understanding.
  19. With your acknowledgment of the issue and your promise not to do it again We will reduce the time on the ban to 24 hours. Because a mechanic of the game was being exploited we can not lift all punishment for the exploit. Thank you for being civil and understanding.
  20. Earlier today I was banned for base spawn abuse. I only recently started playing Arma and am still getting used to mechanics. At the time I did not know there was a 20min cycle for base spawning and thought it was a bug. If my appeal is approved this kind of behavior will not happen again, and I apologize for my behavior.
  21. Below are clues to locations and objects or building types. It is up to you to decipher the clues meaning, location, and object/building type. Once you have the answer, head to the location and stand infront of the object/building and snap a screenshot (F12). Send the screenshot to me in a PM on Discord with the name of the location and the object/building in question. I will inform you if you are correct or to keep searching. A new clue will be posted everyday, with a total of 7 clues. The Grand Prize Winner will earn 250k Poptabs, 50k Respect, and a vehicle of their choice that is currently offered on the server. Good luck to everyone! (1) I gave this crate once to my dog to hide, but he heard a bell and ran away salivating, so i have no idea where he hid it. (2) Damnit! Varg Vikernes was performing in town. He ran off yelling about Satanism with a box of matches and gloves on. (3) My train was delayed and I need to find an outlet to charge my phone. (4) They tried to make me go, but I didn't want to. I got away and ran off to hide in the orchard. I hope they don't find me here. (5) I turned on my radio and heard "This message will play every hour if operators are no longer responsive... Unable to quarantine the area... We are holding out in greener pastures..." (6) It came out from the depths of the water and hit us. Whatever it was, it returned to the reefs and left us washed up on shore. (7) A long time easter egg on the map, I believe it says "gnome". We have a winner to the scavenger hunt. I want to that all of you who took part in this week long event. Don't worry if you didn't win this time, as we are in the process of working out a new scavenger hunt. Next time it will be a sprint to the finish line, and the first one there will win. So stay tuned to the announcements for the next event.
  22. DTG strives to provide its players with the best gaming experience possible. By offering in-game perks for a small fee, we are able to keep our server online and up to date. Please note that DTG follows all of Bohemia's monetization rules. By donating/purchasing a store item, you will not be given an advantage over another player and will not receive any in-game benefits. All of our store items have been approved by Bohemia and do not go against their terms of service. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact @Tyler at your convenience. Terms and Conditions: All monetary contributions are optional. All perks & rewards follow bohemia's guidelines and do not provide any in-game advantage. Users who donate/contribute will not be given any special privileges over other players.
  23. After performing a variety of diagnostics, it appears that we had a hardware issue on our server starting on May 10th, 2019 at approximately 7:10PM EST. We were able to contact our host and help assess the situation. Our provided tried replacing the RAM without success, and it was determined that the box was throwing PSU errors. The host replaced the servers power supply unit and it appears that the box is operating normally once again. DTG Exile is now LIVE and players are encouraged to restart their A3Launcher is order to see DTG listed. We apologize for the downtime and hope that everyone understands this was an issue out of our control. See you in Chernarus!
  24. It just happened 2 times, was in a place in nowhere, i would have understood if i was warned and did it again or did to gain any kind of advantage, but i didn't.
  25. I understand what you mean, what I'm trying to say is: I did not did it intentionally I did not harmed anyone in any way I did not used it again I did not exposed it to anyone I had no advantage in the occured fact.
  26. I just want to make sure I’m reading this correctly. If I were to use a game mechanic, not once but twice, to go thru the bottom of a floor to the top of the floor, then that is not glitching thru but a bug?
  27. i tried to log in today, about 5 minutes ago, and received the messaged that i was permanently banned because of floor glitching the closest thing that happened was yesterday when i was crouching and reloaded my weapon, and my characted was lifted to the top of the floor, but this is a bug, i wasn't glitching anything. In addition, i don't invaded anyone's place or harmed anyone's game experience
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