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  3. Hellbent

    Please Unban

    Dear Torstein, Fubar, Borky @ Hellbent just did the (Warden) mission. I was the one designated to sell the crates worth 160000 in credits. I went from 113000 respect to over 130000 respect. I wonder if this somehow triggered a (duping) concerne? I have never duped. I am too lazy to find out how... I enjoy playing with my friends on your server. Please take a second look. See that I sold all the crates that fubar and I earned during this restart. Thanks for your consideration.
  4. Boa noite fomos banidos porque um integrante do nosso grupo (marcondes) fez tudo glith. desculpem, já exclua o grupo de nosso grupo por favor aposente o nosso grupo de jogadores que gostamos de jogar no servidor DTG.
  5. Torstein


    Ban lifted.
  6. cfcfelipe


    good morning yesterday some friends and I were playing on the server and one of them glitched "(AA) Marcondes-" he came in to play with us and we got banned because of him I "[COE] CFCFelipe -AMAN- Fininho -RS and Sullivan "we apologize for his attitude, we ban him from our Discord, and we apologize and remove our Ban from the server, just keep Ban from Marcondes, have a great day
  7. either way i really appreciate you taking time to get with me...have a good one and ill see you in game!
  8. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you were trying to join with the name Owner or Administrator and that is also the name of your computer.
  9. well after i did that im able to connect...
  10. alright i made a Profile in the multiplayer of the base arma game....its named Eldub and then tried connecting....im assuming this was how i was supposed to do it
  11. You have a name set to your Arma 3 profile. I need to know what name you are joining the server under so I can look at logs and tell you what errors we are getting server side.
  12. i dunno ive tried everything that i can find online...my buddies dld it about the same time and are having zero issues.
  13. i havent been able to log in yet to change my name
  14. What name are you logging in with?
  15. i validated it, with the same end result
  16. I'll lift the ban, but do not impersonate anyone anymore.
  17. Try verifying your Arma 3, doesnt seem to be any expansions just the base game.
  18. so i have some friends playing on the sever and im trying to join them...but every time i try and play i get the following errors error:creating weapon helmetbase with scope=private No entry'bin/config.bin/cfgweapons Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling...any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks in advance
  19. well after the fact frick the capitolists we need more government roe v wade is gud my body my choice can you not see where my headspace was? there was no ill intent
  20. Tell me when the warning signs started to go off.
  21. TorsteinToday at 1:42 AM @here who is Social Justice Warrior? Don't lie I will remove you CheesedToday at 1:43 AM me TorsteinToday at 1:43 AM Okay, a ban then CheesedToday at 1:43 AM frick the capitolists we need more government roe v wade is gud my body my choice TorsteinToday at 1:44 AM Impersonaiting isn't allowed here CheesedToday at 1:44 AM oh shoot TorsteinToday at 1:44 AM I really could care less if you play here Here, I'll show you the door CheesedToday at 1:45 AM oof
  22. i wasnt attempting to impersonate anyone
  23. i was memeing and saying that i was a social justice warrior, i was kidding. im typically conservative. i thought it was a joke. i learned from my group that there is a guy called Social Justice Warrior, and i didnt know. i misunderstood. didnt mean any harm, i thought i was just engaging in a little political banter with a fellow conservative. my b
  24. Asher

    Contact dlc missions

    Then again not sure how it effects ai
  25. Maybe once the contact dlc is implemented another high tier mission could be added with low strength black holes. This would remove vehicles from being viable to be used and could be an interesting new addition.
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